Become a partner


Become a referral partner.

You can increase your revenue by referring leads to KGT. This way, you can support your client base regarding their e-invoicing and SAF-T reporting requirements. To boost revenue even further, you can become an implementation partner without being a reseller.

Become an implementation partner.

As an implementation partner, you will receive training to install and configure our solution for clients. This way, you can still be a Single Point of Contact for your clients with the support of KGT. That is how you become a KGT reseller.

Become an alliance partner.

KGT's solution can complement your products, as it can realize that what is in your contract is defined as a client's responsibility. It could avoid potential client hassle when clients can outsource to KGT to realize that interface. The client will receive an E2E solution.

We become strategic partners.

Our companies can explore new market opportunities and co-develop solutions contributing value to our clients and target audience.

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