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What is an SAP add-on

An SAP add-on enhances standard SAP itself.

SAP add-on components are extra functionalities that do not come with the central SAP product. Various organizations have different requirements. SAP has recognized that and facilitated that, and developers are allowed to add functionality as a component that is integrated with standard SAP.

An add-on is permitted by SAP – the code 'ABAP' is written and transported where SAP allows it. That means these add-on components sit above the core and access the same dictionary objects or repository objects and perform the required functionality. It contains custom authorization objects according to SAP standards.

SAP add-on solutions are, therefore, without an external interface or external software and can be implemented with minor or no SAP impact in any other area. An SAP add-on does not change the programming code of SAP. As a result, SAP upgrades do not lead to any problems, and maintenance is straightforward.

'User-friendly, manageable, scalable, extendable, upgradeable, reliable, sustainable, SAP integrated, VAT compliant, audit trail'

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