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Realize cash flow advantages for manufacturing in Malaysia

When you have manufacturing operations in Malaysia. KGT has developed an SAP add-on solution for a well-known multinational that has optimized its cash flow structurally by automation in SAP of certain manual time-consuming processes as part of MySST (Malaysia Sales and Service Tax).

In Malaysia, a reporting requirement applies regarding the exemption for goods procured (RM, PM, SFG) for use in manufacturing. Companies try to meet this requirement manually to provide the Goods Movement report in a pre-defined format provided by the MySST authority. That is a time-consuming and tax risky process. Our fully automated SAP add-on solution improves a company's cash flow as the exemption can be applied correctly and at the right time. Tax penalties are avoided due to the tax control framework in the cockpit of our SAP add-on.

Our integrated-SAP add-on for Malaysia SST (Sales and Service Tax) includes validating exempt certificates, validation report for C1 and C3, user exit to capture K1 documents (Import Goods Custom Department Clearance Document), and material goods movement reporting for a tax audit. Besides that, our solution also has an e-mail functionality that generates the notifications for business users to create/update the C1/C3 form during the contract, PO, and Goods Receipt Creation. The solution is delivered turn-key and includes training. The SAP add-on solution has its area menu and does not require any SAP business process change.

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