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Rounding off conflicts

When the rounding off set up in standard SAP conflicts with the decimal tax requirements, it would usually mean that the SAP setup has to be changed. That is a time-consuming change management process that could take months to implement. The taxpayer can also not in meantime adequately test the tax reporting requirements as many test scenarios would fail during UAT due to this reason. In practice, it will be a showstopper for a go-live and do the first submission in time.

KGT has developed an SAP add-on that recalculates the rounding off to the current tax rules in an SAP table and has a cockpit that shows the numbers in standard SAP and the changes to meet the decimal sign requirements of the tax authorities. It contains an audit trail of the differences between the rounding off in standard SAP and the SAP add-on. That is essential from a tax risk management perspective that the taxpayer can explain and disclose the differences to the tax authorities.

The solution contains an option to quickly deactivate this decimal sign solution when the tax authorities approve the decimal tolerance currently set up in standard SAP. The deactivation results that the standard SAP values are used for reporting.

Above solution is operational at a multinational when we installed our Egyptian e-invoicing solution. We saved months of work, and were able with feature to go-live in time.