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SAP Tax Consultancy

We help clients make confident tax technology decisions and ensure IT organization is agile, effective, and equipped to cut through the buzz of the latest tax trends to create enduring results. Using our tax knowledge, service-offering SAP expertise, and technology capabilities, we identify new tax technology trends around SAP and develop solutions to help clients.

Increased compliance requirements, reduced resources, and the demand for better data drive the need for improved tax technology platforms. The right technology can reduce costs, improve process and data control, enable better planning and strategy development, and enhance visibility.

But implementing configuring SAP is only part of the solution. We apply our global experience and efforts as part of SAP Consulting Services for Indirect Tax Compliance. Our professionals assist with interface design and development, requirements gathering, blueprint, configuration, and testing through all implementation cycles.

Our SAP Consulting methodology incorporates a phased approach, which yields tangible deliverables and provides our customers with clear checkpoints to assess project performance. Our deployments are thoroughly tested with customer data in their environment and the client team, so the knowledge transfer is complete.

Our consulting SAP tax services focus on our clients' most critical tax issues and opportunities. We bring deep, functional expertise but are known for our holistic perspective. KGT always believes that our customers deserve the best solution and service for their investments. That's why we offer the best value for the high-quality service delivered.