KGT launches its SAP add-on data analytic module for all of its clients

The SAP add-on data analytic module contains standard the following features:

  • Unlike standard tools, KGT's SAP add-on seamlessly integrates into your SAP environment. All VAT-relevant transactional data from legal entities operating on the same SAP platform is instantly accessible and stored separately in SAP tables under KGT's namespace.
  • This unique feature provides real-time insight into your company's operations, making your data analysis journey a breeze.
  • As detailed and relevant data used for your organization becomes available, a clear understanding of key risk factors in actual numbers is possible. There is no need for "informed guessing" anymore.
  • Auto-generated reports based on the relevant data will be available in any format. Examples include specific reports for cross-border transactions, intercompany transactions, per transaction type, tax reporting country, dispatch country, and Sales Organization/ Division.
  • With KGT's SAP add-on for data analytics, you're in the driver's seat. Our 'Continuous Controls Monitoring' tool empowers stakeholders to go beyond indirect tax, making them feel valued and integral to the company's operations.
  • With KGT's SAP add-on, the company is more in control and can act proactively and gives preparedness for future risks. It enables your company's resources and external advisors to focus on what matters, confident that specific risks are acceptable.
  • KGT developed an SAP data analytic module installed in SAP, which goes further than any other analytic tool as it can blueprint the 'as is' SAP VAT determination logic.
  • This blueprint is beneficial for SAP migration projects, changes in the SAP VAT setup that need to be adequately documented, and mapping exercises for tax reporting, such as e-invoicing, SAF-T, and VAT reporting. It is either a good starting point for the design phase and realizes that internal resources are used at a minimum due to using technology and automation.

The module is adaptable, allowing for the integration of client-specific scripts to customize it according to our clients' requirements.

KGT has conducted comprehensive testing of the module in your peer's SAP environment before its launch. The SAP add-on data analytic module played a crucial role in detecting an excessive number of areas of improvements.

KGT focuses on addressing the actual problem by offering a thorough solution that not only rectifies the underlying issue, but also resolves open tickets. As an SAP tax consultancy firm, it cannot only recommend how to address the root cause and fix issues using best practices, but it can also implement the agreed-upon solution in SAP or support your IT department in its implementation.

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