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Norway SAF-T

Norway has announced changes regarding VAT returns that should come into force starting January 2022. The main objective is to submit VAT returns directly from ERP systems via installing APIs. Manual upload via the Altinn portal will, however, still be available.

The digital VAT return will be based on SAF-T coding. However, it will still be a separate tax reporting requirement. The new digital format will be in XML, and the existing 19 boxes will be extended to 30 boxes. Norwegian tax authorities have provided a method for validation for the VAT return file. Taxpayers can test the VAT return before submission and receive error messages.

If you are interested in a demo or be introduced to our local partner, please get in touch. The on-request reporting requirement is already operational at clients. Taxpayers need to submit predefined data in a legal format when a tax audit is announced.

KGT is also an expert in implementing SAP's own solutions. SAP could release a SAF-T Norwegian solution. KGT can implement the OSS notes for you, and when SAP fails, and a more tailored SAP solution is required, KGT is your partner that can immediately do such remediation. KGT has developed our SAP add-ons, dealt with client-specific customizations, and has solutions developed and operational. KGT can also provide pre-audits service and can test third-party solutions installed whether these are tax compliant.