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Romania SAF-T

Romania has announced the introduction of SAF-T reporting requirements in 2022. Romania will most likely approve the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) legislation and SAF-T systems in 2021. The first phase will start with a pilot of large taxpayers, and later, it could become mandatory for all taxpayers. ANAF signed the contract for the development of its SAF-T system. The completion is scheduled for July 2021.

ANAF has published the SAF-T technical documentation with the standard tax control file requirements, a set of documents detailing mandatory and optional elements to be incorporated in the new SAFT declaration model:

  • SAF-T_Romania_SchemaDefinitionCodes.xlsx' describes the structure of the SAF-T scheme for Romanian SAF-T reporting
  • Romanian_SAF-T_Financial_Schema.xsd' describes the SAF-T schemes for SAF-T reporting. The description format is XML Scheme Definition (XSD) and is helpful for companies that develop applications for automatic generation of SAF-T reports
  • Annex SAF-T - Structura_D.docx' contains the annex of the declaration and describes all the validation rules in ANAF's format
  • SAF-T OECD Scheme version 2.0' is the SAF-T standard used

KGT’s take and what we offer

The documentation is complete and well prepared. The design is similar to SAF-T Lithuania and SAF-T Portugal, resulting in reduced development time due to the reuse of know-how and methodologies.

If you are interested, we can demo functionality and features via our SAP add-on for Portugal. The SAP add-on for Romania is currently in development and will be ready for a demo within two months.