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Romania SAF-T

Romania is introducing SAF-T in 2022, reporting to combat VAT fraud. Our SAP add-on is now ready to demo, and it follows the same footprint and approach as the SAP add-on already installed.We can also announce our partnership with the local Romanian Tax Technology Firm Mirus who operates from Bucharest, Romania. Mirus can support during configuration and maintenance, perform pre-audits, and communicate with the Romanian tax authorities. It is essential to have as the Romanian tax authorities have a (complicated) certain way of working, and having expertise to do that efficiently and effectively could be crucial.

If you are interested in a demo or be introduced to our local partner, please get in touch.

KGT is also an expert in implementing SAP's own solutions. SAP could release a SAF-T Romanian solution. KGT can implement the OSS notes for you, and when SAP fails, and a more tailored SAP solution is required, KGT is your partner that can immediately do such remediation. KGT has developed our SAP add-ons, dealt with client-specific customizations, and has solutions developed and operational. KGT can also provide pre-audits service and can test third-party solutions installed whether these are tax compliant.