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Russia and mandatory B2B e-invoicing

Russia introduced mandatory e-invoice government clearing in 2017. That includes trusted government e-invoice operators who clear invoices, plus live approved cash register reporting. E-invoices between companies have been permitted since 2012.

E-invoicing in Russia is a response to the clearance approach. The approach requires that companies communicate some sales information to authorities before issuing an invoice to a client. Moreover, e-accounting services must include invoice summaries to transmit automatically to the tax administration.

Invoices must be produced in XML as a UTD format set by the Federal Tax Service. Invoices have to be digitally signed via the use of encryption software. Only certified Russian software operators provide can provide that software.

E-invoices sent by a supplier to a customer must pass through a certified operator known as an Electronic Document Exchange Operator (EDEO). This service provider performs confidential information exchange operations using telecommunication.

Both supplier and customer must retain e-invoices for at least four years. It includes adjustments, credit notes, and verification keys.

KGT has developed a silent e-invoicing SAP add-on that contains the following features to meet above requirements:

  • Mandatory status update
  • E-signature
  • E-invoicing format
  • SAP country specific Russia configuration along with KGT SAP add-on