Discover your advantages when all KGT SAP add-on modules work together

Realize Effortless Tax Reporting in SAP

Simplify your tax reporting obligations effortlessly with SAP. Our SAP add-on modules seamlessly handle VAT/GST, ECL, Intrastat, e-invoicing, and SAF-T reporting directly within SAP, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Setup Robust Risk Management in SAP

Improve your risk management capabilities in SAP with KGT's 'Continuous Controls Monitoring' tools. These tools conduct comprehensive SAP VAT health checks using advanced data analysis to ensure tax compliance. One of many controls is the proper VAT registration used in postings. Additionally, they automatically verify VAT ID numbers and perform validations for Intrastat and Schema compliance (official XSD schemas for e-invoicing, SAF-T, etc.), all through automated batch jobs.

Optimize your Planning and Documentation with SAP

Our modules document your current SAP VAT determination logic and facilitate system comparisons during SAP consolidation projects. This 'as-is' blueprint lays a strong foundation for the design phase, reducing dependence on internal resources and leveraging technology and automation. It also supports mapping exercises when configuring a tax reporting solution for e-invoicing and SAF-T solutions, in order to efficiently and effectively set them up.

Enhanced VAT Determination Logic of SAP

When remediation of your SAP VAT determination logic is needed, KGT focuses on addressing the problem by offering a thorough solution to rectify the underlying issue. As an SAP tax consultancy firm, KGT provides best-practice recommendations and implements agreed-upon solutions directly in SAP. Alternatively, our consultancy services can support your IT department, ensuring a seamless and effective resolution.

Choose KGT for a reliable, efficient, and compliant SAP VAT/GST experience. Transform your tax processes with our innovative solutions.

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